Hello, I’m Bailey.

I’m a writer.

In 2021, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in English and Art History. The combination of both subjects begged the question from others of what I could possibly do with my education.

I did not know the answer right away, but I certainly loved studying what I did: ancient civilizations, anonymous Greek potters, artists whose paintings or sculptures changed the world. I left my undergraduate years behind with both the mental toolbox of a writer and around 4,000 years of world history to inspire me.

I launched a freelance writing career in 2018. From there, I’ve constantly been working on adding to a diverse catalogue of writing styles and formats. I enjoy revisiting the subjects that motivated me as an undergraduate; today, I specialize in stories on contemporary culture – namely food, wine, art, and architecture.

Most recently, I have decided to apply my writing experience to a career in film. I have since been laying the foundations to becoming a screenwriter.

Are you looking for a story, voice, or inspiration for a new publication or creative project? Let’s get in touch.